3 Best Jabra Biz Series Corded Headsets for Daily Use

Jabra understand and deliver the best to its customers to enjoy the high-quality sound in the ears. Their products are engineered for you under high qualified designers who keenly took under consideration the audio requirements of the people. These headsets are today’s necessity and a status icon as well so here are the 3 best headpieces that you can choose for your hearing solutions.

BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC



These corded headsets are designed to provide your customers hear your agents better than ever before. The enhanced speakers offer superior customer experience and faster call resolution. The speakers are designed to reduce the ambient noise so you can focus on the call more efficiently. For a company, it is very important to hear the customer’s quires to provide them the best customer support so these speakers and microphones are developed to eliminate all the background noises. They are perfect for the agent to hear and to be heard by the customers no matter how noisy the surroundings may be. They aim to provide quality sound to understand what the customer is saying n thus be able to respond them back effectively. They offer smooth HD voice technology to hear HIFI sound for your music concerns. They are constructed with laser welding to keep them as low weighted as a feather. The earplugs have soft comfortable leather padding that does not hurt or irritate your ears in any way providing a comfortable complete fit for long working hours.


BIZ 2400 II Duo USB UC



No matter how challenging the working environment may be they provide an outclass pin drop silent to your agents to take the calls and work without any hurdle. Their enhanced features such as Kevlar reinforced cords, gold plated contacts and unbreakable 360-degree free spin boom ensure an excellent calling experience from both ends.  The free spin allows you to adjust the microphones according to your comfort zone. They are designed to withstand the contact center environment and is highly protected against damages caused by office chair wheels, sharp objects and any other objects of daily use. Keeping in concern all the aspects of the working environment they keep the agent happy and thus provide company better productivity for the long run. The manufacturer provides 3 years warranty to gain their customers’ satisfaction to try other gadgets as well.


BIZ 2400 II Duo NC


Jabra Corded headsets are specially designed to provide the best connectivity which is a major problem occurred with most of the headphones. They can be quickly disconnected when not in use. Their superior noise cancellation quality makes them an agent’s favorite as they provide the first-class conversation between the clients that the works take less time to be completed and the clients leave happy feedback for the company. Their dual connectivity allows them to be connected with PC, smartphones, and tablets as well. This allows you to turn the professional tool into your personal earplugs. They provide HIFI quality sound for your favorite playlist and theater movies too. They are effective and licensed for the call and video conference calls such as on Skype, webinars and other multimedia systems.


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